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Terms & Conditions


All dogs must be up to date with their annual vaccinations and the Kennel Cough vaccine.


You accept that whilst your dog/s is at Whinney Brow Kennels the utmost care and attention will be given to it based on the information you have provided and deemed to be true.  Whinney Brow Kennels have your permission to seek the advice of a Veterinary Surgeon (at your expense) if your dog becomes ill or injured during its stay at Whinney Brow Kennels (unless injury is caused by Whinney Brow Kennels) and if necessary, operate or medicate.  If your dog/s is/are unvaccinated for any of the required vaccinations – you accept full liability for any illness they may contract during their stay.  You give Whinney Brow Kennels authority to administer any medication you provide for your dog/s.  You understand that should you return to collect your dog/s earlier than planned, the total duration of your original booking will be charged with no discount given.                         

You understand that Whinney Brow Kennels will retain your details under the “General Data Protection Regulations” and will not pass or discuss these details to a Third Party, except in the circumstances where your dog/s require veterinary treatment – emergency or maintenance.  You understand that you can ask for this form to be returned to you or be destroyed at departure.



Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your booking, for any reason, there is a £25 cancellation fee, this is payable via bank transfer and is due immediately, Whinney Brow Kennels is under no obligation to transfer any booking to a future date, this is at the discretion of Whinney Brow Kennels.  If a deposit is paid at the time of booking Whinney Brow Kennels may retain this as a cancellation fee.  


Whinney Brow Kennels reserves the right to refuse any dog/s and contact you to collect your dog/s for any reason whatsoever.


Non-collection of dog/s

Whinney Brow reserve the right to re-home any dog not collected within 7 days of the agreed collection date unless prior agreement has been reached. (Every effort will be made to come to a reasonable arrangement prior to taking this action as a last resort.) Owners will remain liable for full fees up to such time as the dog/s have been successively re-homed or collected by the owner.



Puppy sales

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your puppy.  If you change your mind or circumstances after this deposit is made then no refund will be given.  If you have to return your puppy/dog at any point any monies considered returnable (by Whinney Brow) will be minus the deposit paid.  If an issue is highlighted at the “vet check” before your puppy leaves Whinney Brow that is considered life altering/changing then Whinney Brow may allow you to terminate the sale and return your deposit.  Alternatively, a reduction in the purchase price may be considered by both parties.


Whinney Brow reserves the right to refuse a sale to any person they deem not suitable without explanation.



Stud dogs

A stud fee is payable once the first successful mating has occurred, a second mating will be offered at no extra cost.  If no pregnancy occurs you may return with the same bitch at its next season (no longer than 9 months later) and receive a free mating.  If no puppies are conceived then no further free matings will be offered.


Your bitch is expected to have the relevant breed standard health testing and be up to date with her annual vaccinations and Whinney Brow, and it’s representatives, reserve the right to refuse a bitch for stud.


If your bitch is to stay at Whinney Brow Kennels whilst matings are initiated you will provide your own dog food.  If, for whatever reason, no mating occurs you will pay the standard kennelling fee on collection of your bitch, if mating occurs then the stay is included in the stud fee.


Whinney Brow, and its representatives, endeavour to provide the utmost care and consideration for your bitch whilst she is in our care and will always be present at the time of mating.

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