Puppy sales

All of our puppies are very well socialised and confident. We all take an active part in their socialisation and so do our cats!

Puppy sales

We make sure that they are familiar with all household stuff like washing machines and vacuum cleaners, oh and cats!


Pure pedigree puppies go to their new homes KC Registered with The Kennel Club Insurance, all the puppies can be microchiped and have a Puppy Pack to take home, which includes an information sheet on feeding, settling your puppy into it's new environment, and worming advice.


They also come with their own snuggle blanket to help them settle into their new home with all the familiar smells of the old one to comfort them.


Also don't forget we are always at the end of the telephone for advice and reassurance for you, as taking on a young puppy can be an exciting but also a new experience.


We currently breed:

Show Cocker Spaniels (KC registered)

Mini Longhaired Dachshund (KC registered)

Basset Hounds (KC Registered)


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