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Meet Lenny and Dandy, our stud dogs

Meet Lenny

Lenny is our Tri Coloured KC Registered Basset Hound.  He has BVA Clear eye tests and excellent grade Gonioscopy result.
We generally don't stud Lenny out but thought you'd like to meet the father to most of your Basset puppies.

He is so laid back and gentle, with excellent conformation and temperament  - perfect for our litters!

This is Dandy


Dandy is our Orange Roan Show type Cocker Spaniel stud. He is extensively health tested - AMS, DM, EIC, GSD, PRA PRCD and FN Clear. Clear BVA Eye Tested. Hip score 3/3


He is a proven stud too.


He's a true gentleman and his kind nature will be an asset to any litter. 


If you would be interested in using Dandy, call us on 01228 675713, email us or chat.

Dandy show type cocker stud dog.jpg
orange roan cocker puppy in basket_edite
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